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Learning to drive can be a very frustrating experience and you can waste hundreds of pounds if your tuition is not effective.


Do you ever get the end of your lesson and feel that you have learnt nothing,the reality is,you probably haven’t.

The driving standards agency are very clear as to the procedure driving instructors should follow.
This is to make sure that “you”the customer are getting the maximum benefit from your lessons.
Is your instructor performing these very important procedures.

6 Procedures your driving instructor should be doing.

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  • Does your driving instructor arrive on time for your lessons?
  • Does your driving instructor always recap the previous lesson to agree strengths and weaknesses? (What do you remember from the last lesson)
  • Does your driving instructor always state firm lesson objectives as to what you will be learning during the current lesson and what you will be trying to achieve?(It is vital that you know exactly what you are trying to learn in the current lesson)
  • Does your driving instructor teach in a non confrontational manner or shout and complain when you make mistakes?(does your instructor prevent most errors by checking what you are going to do before you make a mistake or does he complain or shout after the event?)
  • Does your driving instructor help and guide you with feedback and encouragement or let you make lots of mistakes which leads to lack of confidence?(Does your instructor analyse why mistakes were made and does he praise you when you succeed?)
  • Does your driving instructor finish the lesson with a recap of what has been learnt and does he/she ask questions to check your understanding?(Statistics show that what you discuss during the last 5 minutes of your lesson will stay with you and reinforce your understanding)[/red_arrow_list]

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You are the customer and should not be subjected to sub standard tuition.

Make the change NOW and start moving your driving forward

[features_box_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Canterbury Driving School. I chose the driving school because of the good price and nice car after seeing them at the Kent University Freshers Fayre. Learning to drive was much better than I expected, I never thought I’d be able to drive but now I have passed! John was very patient and encouraging. I really enjoyed learning to drive with him. I would definitely recommend John Harvey Driving School as he was a good teacher and doesn’t waste time and got me driving on my first lesson. I have already recommended him to my friend Chole.Francesca Mcloughlin, Canterbury[/features_box_blue]


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[content_box_red width=”75%”]Driving School Canterbury. Kasra.(2)I found John Harvey Driving School on the internet and choose them as they was able to fit lessons in at a convenient time for me. I had already learnt to drive back home but Learning to drive in this country was harder that I thought it would be. I found John’s teaching methods simply fantastic! He made things simple and covered everything I needed to know. I would absolutely recommend John Harvey Driving School. For me to pass 1st time, after not driving for 6 years whilst at University in Canterbury, it shows how good John is at what he does. Kasra Rostamhkany, Canterbury.[/content_box_red]


Please Note

*Normal Lessons are at the Hourly rate of £27 Per hour.

‘Try Us & See’ Deal Terms & Conditions.

New Pupils only & only open to those who have had no more than 10 hours previous driving tuition. Deal is NOT available to those pupils who have a practical test booked or who have taken a practical test before.  Deal is NOT open to anyone who holds a licence in another country. Deal is NOT available with any other offer or discount.

£230 deal lessons are to be paid in advance & to be taken in 2 hour blocks.*